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You should receive 4 unlock codes,but 90% of phones just need the NCK  code or SIM_UNLOCK. For some networks like Telus or Metro pc if the SIM_UNLOCK (or NCK) is not working,use the service provider code SPK.


1.On most phones, especially the new ones should ask for unlock code if you restart with a sim from another carrier. So just find a sim from another GSM network, that you know should normally be supported by the phone if unlocked, and when will turn on with that sim inside will ask for the “Network unlock code”, or something similar. Be careful not to be confused if will ask for  “PIN code”,as that is the Pin security from the sim card not, the unlock code.



2.If the above method has not worked can try the code that works for most Lg phones to get to the secret menu:  "2945#*XXX#" , where xxx represents the number of your phone.For example, if you have P920 the code will be 2945#*920# ,for LG Cookie Lite T300 is 2945#*300#,and so on. After dialing that code , depending on the phone you will either get a box to insert the code or get to a menu from where will have to select “Sim Unlock Code” or “Network unlock” (or something similar) and will be able to insert your unlock code. For some models the menu is even a bit more complicated , so in order to get to the place for inserting the code have to go to  Menu->Settings->Security->Sim Unlock Code . If your phone has a service provider lock (SPCK) ,like Telus or Fido Canada will have to insert beside the network unlock code (NCK),the service provider code(SPCK) also in the same way.

Latelly some at&t LG devices have changed codes, so even if the codes are correct will not work. Will not be able to refund for any At&t Lg so order on your own risk if you like!

Will not work ,do not order as there is no refund for the following model and software version:


-LG phoenix 3 AT&T M150 software version M15020G or newer (ex M15020L, M15020M ,M15020N)

-new att phones like X410ASR or X210am etc ,updated to latest firmware (order at your own risk,unfortunatelly can not refund)

There is no refund for IMEI from CDMA networks. If you ordered an unlock for a phone from a cdma network (like Verizon,Sprint) and will receive as a result spc=000000, the supplier does not refund so we can not refund either.


Delivery time: 1-6 Hours

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API