iKeyPro-Ramdisk - (iPad Pro-2 12,9 / iPad-Pro 10,5) [Passcode-Hello] [MAC TOOL]


Tool Link :  Download or ikeyprotool.com


‼️‼️ Process of Passcode & Hello

PassCode-Disable Process !!


1. Put Device in DFU Mode and Press Button  "PwnDFu"  Mode

2. Place order as your Device Model.

3. After Successful PwnDFU Press  "BootDevice"

4. After Successful Boot Done Press  "Backup Activation"  Button

5. When Backup Done Fully make a Clean flash with 3utools-i4Tools to latest IOS

6. Again connect device in DFU Mode and Press Button  "PwnDFu"  Mode

7. After PwnDFU done press the "BootDevice" Button

8. Now Press "Activate With Backup" to Restore your Activation-File to Device 

⚡️PassCode-Disable Device Activated Successfully !!


Hello-15 Bypass Process


1. Connect Your Device to MagiCFG and Write Serial : F7MM28A3F196

2. After Serial-Write done Connect your device in Normal mode and Press  "Get Normal Mode"

3. After Device info Show in tool Place order as your Device Model.

4. Then Press  "Prepare Hello" Button for Make Activation-File of your device

5. After Successfully making  Activation-File Put your Device in DFU Mode and Press the "PwnDFU" Button Again

6. Then Press the button "BootDevice" and wait to Load the Rasmdisk

7. When BootDevice Show Success!! Press the Button "Activate Hello" and wait for Magic!!

⚡️ Hello-15 Device Activated Successfully !!


Delivery time: 1-15 Minutes

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual