Alcatel mw40 airbox series NCK codes


from Fryday and weekend only

To unlock your MiFi modem, you need a sim card from a different carrier to that locked for. Follow steps;

1-    Insert sim from the new carrier you wish to use.
2-    Power on your MiFi modem and connect to the pc via USB.
3-    Normally it will automatically open your default web browser. If it doesn't, then open the browser and enter the IP: and validate it on         entering.
4-    Login using the default login details(admin as password and username).
5-    You will then be prompted to enter nck code. The NCK code is a 10 digit code.
6-    You have normally 10 unlock trials.
7-    Enter your unlock code and click ok.


El tiempo de entrega: 1 to 30 Min

Se permiten pedidos al por mayor:

Tipo de orden: IMEI

Tipo de servicio: Servidor

Enviar para verificar permitido: No

Cancelación permitida: No

Procesando orden: Manual